You Know How We Do..,


Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves..,

Here we will illustrate this position using ourselves as the example - As we know who and what we are - and what better way to introduce ourselves to you, than by our example...

Most of our customers don't know more than they should about what we do or how we accomplish it. Sarah might know the benefits of having a dynamic presence on the web, but very little about what that entails. What is the difference between a static Html site and a dynamic XML site? What are the advantages of one over the other? Which one would best facilitate Sarah's needs? How does cost figure into the equation? What about domain identity, hosting and web site maintenance? Sarah doesn't speak the language, is unfamiliar with the technology and fearful about this strange, new territory...

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Stand Tall When Your Mission In Life Calls.

~ Q

Mission: To Make You Look Good.

For that rare client who know's exactly what they want and how they want it, we play wherever part is required - even if it means directing them elsewhere within our vast network. Some customers would be better suited to learn a process or two themselves to help ensure that they feel the secure sense of hands-on control that they may be familiar with. We know how hard it is to let go of a process that you have nurtured into being and having to turn it over to another because of limitations in your knowledge of a new technology. We realize that many times the key to success is in the ability to surround oneself with a knowledgeable team of talented people who know the parts the we don't. Q Creative Services has been that team for more than eighteen years.


We Know Creative

Your company may be new to us, but chances are your industry is not. We are everything marketing and creative - all under one, big umbrella. Everything that you have employed creatively over the years - we more than likely know the technology and application. We are always open to learning new things as well... Learning after all, is how we grow..


Our Entire Team Is Behind You

Understanding what you have in us is the first step. Allowing us to do what we do, is a close second. If you chose us believing that we were a good match for your project, there's no better way to get your full money's worth than by just stepping back and letting us work for you. You don't pay for what doesn't work or what you can't employ. That's our policy... There is a catch though; You have to trust our experience and expertise in what we do. We have clients who initially didn't have the ability to see the outcome of a specific process as vividly as we did. He, through trust alone extracted himself from his concerns and left us to do our jobs. While he knew is job.., we knew ours - better than anyone else in fact. As predicted, without a hitch, our results were accurate and favorable to a fault. That happy customer is still our customer - for nine years now. So, from time to time we still see fear in the eyes of those new to this digital technological world of infinite possibilities, and we reach out to them. solutions. ideas. progress.