Unlike popular fashion designers, most graphic designers will only have their portfolios to represent their experience and individual design styles.
Even the most noted creative artists are known and recognized by their styles. A Designer's style is his or her signature.

Choosing A Graphics Professional

Selecting a designer for your graphics and marketing needs is much like choosing a fashion designer to provide a garment for an important event. You always have the choice to buy a nice off-the-rack outfit from a department store or boutique, but for whatever reason you decide against it, and choose to employ a designer, you would generally select one based on your appreciation of that designer's individual style. Different designers have different styles - which (aside from price) is pretty much the main distinction separating one from another. Even then you have the option to purchase a pre-manufactured piece from your chosen designer or have something custom-made; In which case the designer (when planning your garment) will more than likely consider the occasion or event you will attend and your physical attributes. The final piece will reflect his or her individual design styles. How effective that designer is in applying that style to you and the occasion is what qualifies the degree of success resulting.

Unlike popular fashion designers, most graphic designers will only have their portfolios to represent their experience and individual design styles. Even the most noted creative artists are known and recognized by their styles. A Designer's style is his or her signature.

We here at Q Creative Services require all potential clients to view our work in person or through our online web site portfolios and network-galleries before we even agree to accept the new client or project. Knowing that we have the client's trust and confidence goes a long way in insuring the effectiveness of the resulting piece. In many ways, your designer is like many other professionals that you would trust your important processes to - like your physician, attorney or accountant. You may not completely understand what they do or how they do it - but you make a conscious decision to trust them to make your best interest a priority and your satisfaction paramount. The initial decision to retain their services may have had something to do with your belief in the quality of their work and their experience in their respective areas of expertise.

Some examples of what one might look for in a designer's style is; technical abilities - can the artist employ current or newer technologies - Is his or her style to your liking aesthetically - can the artist take the project from conception to completion - what is the artists level of understanding of your needs and objectives - can he or she facilitate your timeline - professionalism - will personality or other differences be an issue - available resources, materials or supplies on-hand to facilitate your project - willingness to consider your or other outside input - flexibility... and the list goes on and on.

You may never find all, many or even most of these attributes perfectly inline with your expectations, but that will be the case with any professional you consider for employment. It is you however, who has to prioritize these areas of importance "before" settling on one.

It is not fair to the artist, yourself or your project to select an artist "willy-nilly" and then attempt to change or impose change in mid-project.

If you know or have a good idea of what it is that you want - depending on the degree of your knowledge about the process and it's final outcome, you might make getting an artist who is open and willing to work along side you throughout the project, a priority. This is important because many professionals resent a client who appears to be directing the project from "over his or her shoulder." Many artist require a great degree of (if not complete) creative freedom. This is where your trust and confidence is required. Many projects are mis-directed to graphic designers that may have only required the services of a good full service printer for example. Here the old saying "you get what you pay for" may be only half true. For example; a small budget will not necessarily limit your input with an artist who doesn't mind (or who needs) your creative advice or input. And on the other hand an unlimited budget will not insure that your input will be welcomed with an artist who works best when left alone. Few artist take issue with making adjustments and fine tuning or even accepting your input once his or her visions have been realized. If you allow an artist to complete the process unmolested only to find that you don't like it, most will be more than willing to work with you to resolution. This however, is seldom the case if you choose your artist wisely beforehand.

Q Creative Services has a number of different styles and artists to choose from and are more than happy to refer a potential client in another direction if we mutually feel that a match cannot be made. Please know that what we provide as artist, comes from within. The effectiveness of our work and the customer's complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal with each and every project. The time committed to any project cannot be regained once spent. And therefore it is our objective to get it right (or as close as possible to right) the first time, so that with minimal of fine tuning and tweaking, we might have perfection. But again, the first step is in selecting the right artist for the job to begin with.

When you do find a designer who meets your needs use it! A good artist can be your secret weapon. In today's economy having the ability to compete unfettered by cost concerns when it comes to your marketing and promotions budget is a wonderful thing. To be able to start (or continue) to produce and print - slick, quality promotional pieces, dynamic web applications and broadcast commercials to help bolster your product or service - is invaluable. A good design team will enable you to continue to look the part even when the rest of the world is feeling (and showing) the affects of a weak economy. It is in these times when keeping your brand out front is even more important. Goods and services will still be in demand, however, it is the affordable ones that will continue to prosper. It Is your objective to continue to receive your share of any spending that is still occurring. So, keeping your brand strong and visible during such times is the job of your creative team. A good team constantly has a finger on the pulse of current market conditions. It is the lifeline that facilitates all that we do. After all, we are marketing specialists who's tools are of a creative nature. We know how to continue to do what needs to be done - despite adversity.

We are your In-house creative services team, that doesn't take up real estate on your property or exist on your payroll. We are there for you whenever you need us just like a permanent employee without the cost. Take advantage of this feature and you're already a step ahead of the competition.

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